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I am interested in running a series of workshops , either in the studio or over the internet , that will be concerned with drawing the head or figure - just trying to work out how things actually look .

Red cap

Copying the masters

And here , of course , is a copy of

Vermeer's " Girl with a Pearl Earring "


It is a wonderful thing to pay real attention to the pros . This workshop is all about seeing what path the serious painters were taking , and why - if we can figure it out by following in their footsteps .

Here is a copy of Sargent's " Amber Gris " . 

We will always have pigs in the studio - pieces that fail for whatever reason . These works are the perfect place to take chances , put things at risk , to learn something .

We pitch what we know , what we can learn , against these adorable little monsters .

pexels-mark-stebnicki-2252541 (2)_edited.jpg
So what about these guys ?

There are lots of ways to move through the building of a painting .


Here is a simple path - start with a charcoal drawing . You want to lay out your design , showing the placement of your major pieces , your figure/ground relationship .

Mer made 1_edited.jpg

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