Some background


I was one of those kids who got patted on the head for drawing pictures instead of dragging my brother around the house on the wrong end of the vacuum cleaner hose . I got through high school without breaking any real laws , went to college , got out , and finally met the people who ruined my life by showing me how to paint . By the way , thank you .

I have two kids , and am currently living in North Carolina on a fabulous estate where I swear a tree falls over every time somebody sneezes .

Some galleries which carry my stuff :    West End Gallery , Corning N.Y.

                                                                  Principal Gallery , Alexandria Va.

                                                                  LaPelle Gallery , Philadelphia Pa.

                                                                  Kada Gallery  ,  Erie Pa.

Our staff

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Chief advisors

Yes - I have gotten lots of bum advice .

Two more heroes of mine - this still is from " The Music Box " .

Mr. Egbert Souse

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Pronounced " Soosay "  , so that he can argue with everyone who calls him a souse . From another great movie " The Bank Dick " .

Ms. Flower Belle

Not taking any prisoners  .

Human resources

William Claude Dukenfield

Start with " It's a Gift " and go from there .

Okay - this isn't me . This is one of my heroes , W.C.Fields . If you haven't seen his films or read about him , please do - he is great .